State and Bijou Temporary Closure


I hope you’re all feeling OK today. We’ve decided not to wait until Washington acts to announce the nationwide shut-down we all know is urgently needed to beat back COVID-19. We are, immediately, closing the State and Bijou theaters in Traverse City.  The absolute best way to prevent contracting the virus or giving it to someone else is to fully limit our contact with other people. A movie theater, by its nature, is about coming together with other people to enjoy a film. For now, watching movies will have to be done at home. 

We will re-open when the CDC — the scientists, the doctors — say it is OK. 

I’m working today (from home) trying to figure out ways to take care of our staff as they are now temporarily furloughed. It would be sad if on the other side of this crisis we no longer have our theaters. I won’t let that happen, but I can’t do it alone. If you are able to help me help our staff, please write me back at this email address and I’ll contact you personally. Thank you in advance. 

This will be an extremely challenging period for you, for us, and for our greater community. But it will be the hardest on our senior citizens. Let’s keep this in mind and let’s all pull together -- while keeping our distance! -- and each do our part to keep everyone healthy and alive. 

During this closure, please follow along with us on social media (Facebook and Instagram) and we’ll keep you updated as to when our doors will open once again to the community. 

We can’t wait to see you back at the theater, popcorn in hand. Until then, stay well, and a heartfelt thank you for your support. 


Michael Moore